Jul 28, 2008

AD~ x100000000 Admiration :D

Girls thank you for your wonderful wonderrrful emails & comments. They are just so lovely to read *hugs*

Many ppl have asked me how I manage to get lots of insider info in fashion & beautiful pieces in good prices. I just always like to go early, like 10:00 or earlier to enjoy a breakfast especially if I was going to shop at Saks or Harvey! This always make me suffer less finding exactly what I want. Also, by doing this you can always find better stuff! :D I also enjoy looking around before buying an item, any item! Some people think that I waste lots of money on my shopping sprees, but in fact, I don’t! I don’t buy anything unless I really want. & I really do think a lot before buying any new thing. Also, one of my biggest strategies is to become friend with some of fashion designers, makeup artists and some of the sellers! So many of 'em are really nice, kind and very very helpful! once you do that you’ll always be aware of the awesome new stuff arrived. Moreover they would understand your taste more & more & They would automatically keep your piece stored for you. also you’ll be the first one in any waiting list whenever a new bag/ shoes is arriving. Also, they would give you good prices! ;) on the other hand, I may suggest you to send your designers a simple gift like flowers & some chocolates after each dress/ jewelry piece they make for you. visit them occasionally just to say hii. & Never ignore their fashion shows & always make sure to invite their wives/sisters to private events, they always like that! ;)

xx So yesterday I went to Abu Dhabi *heart* the whole trip was fabulousss & so much fun x first we reached home at 10 am. Just me, brother and cousin K. had a quick breakfast. Then, the driver drub us at Marina mall x god I always feel good the moment I walk on the out-door stairs toward the main entrance *hearttt* we shopped like crazy, chatted & giggled endlessly *fun’fun’fun* I just enjoy talking to my cousin a lot! So, generally it was a lovely day BUT my stupid Yves Saint Lauren star shoes were hurtful to death!! I was this close to throw ‘em away ;’( i mean; just after 15 mins walking I reached a horrible point where I couldn’t but to haul myself up holding my poor cousin tightly till we reached the first shoe shop jeddam 3yonna & got me flats. I didn’t even look or think whether it suits my outfit or the length of the 3bah. It was a matter of 2 seconds ! I mean these very-strappy YSL have ruined my feet! ;’( the only reason why I was wearing ‘em for shopping is to match my colourful star printed Emilio Pucci top *what a bad'bad idea!* now I don’t think 10 hours of serious pedicure, massage and god knows what kind of pampering can be enough a3aalej my poor feet ;x n9ei7a, just don’t get ‘em; its bad for ur health lol Anyhow, at that same day, my grandmother invited us to have launch at her place. So we went back home, changed & went to happy gathering :D


Tons of watches for my birthday giveaway presents, LV Scarf & a birthday dress frm D&G
Etro-ing from head to toe *fun in every sense of the word x

Double Trouble ;p *heart*

Jul 25, 2008

Hot Couture-ish Bikinis *Yay* OR *Nay*?

They all look luvlay *heart**heart* but I say *Naaay* if ur single ;'p

Beauty Pageant Pictures You Never Seen Before

Miss Colombia, Miss Puerto Rico (winner) & Miss Venezuela -luved her dress *heart*

Miss Poland, Israel & Czechoslovakia

Miss Iran in the 60's

Miss Iran 1966

Miss Iran 1967

Some of the 1347 finalists in cocktail dresses

"Miss Iran In 1347 Dokhtar Shayesteh Iran competition, Manijeh Etezadi wins the title of Best Dressed contestant."

Miss Lebanon & Miss USA

Rinat (Miss Isreal 1964)

Kabiri (Miss Isreal 1967)

Miss Iran 1973

1967 - Ecuador, Venezuela, Finland & Iran

1969 - winner Sharona Malech (Miss Israel) & Jenny MacIntyre (Miss New Zealand)

Photo Credit: iranian.com & pageant opolis

Jul 22, 2008

The Only Purple Lipstick for all mankind !

Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick in 318 'Fuschia Euphoria'. it's the same shade the model is using for the recent photo shoot la GRAZIA Middle East & surprisingly it looks deliciously amazingg on all skin tones! unlike MAC's Up To The Amp which i find it difficult to go nicely on most ppl xx --Secret Shared! ;)

In the Love of The Shoe Star: Jonathan Kelsey

Sabayaaa! stop all the fuzz abt ur Louboutinss !! here comes the time to move forward again :D Jonathan Kelsey Mulberry shoes is the latest high class women's shoe range & it can be compared to Christian Louboutin, if not better! knowing that Jonathan Kelsey summer range have been sold out in dubai, Paris, Londin & everywhere! see !! :D --& to top it all, his newest clients are Madonna, Liberty Ross & Agyness Deyn *heart* *heart* so seriouslyy.. every girl shld get her a Mulberry ;D the 33 years old Jonathan have worked 5 years at Jimmy Choo. & he has only been in business 18 months! now he's having his own collection with Mulberry. He said: "the Pointy Lace-up is totally Agyness Deyn, perfect with narrow jeans and a blazer". He has just designed a shoe called the Amy for Ms. Winehouse, which makes him hotter than hot and his feisty take on glam rock and 1920s movies make him one
to catch for the future, says Julia Robson.

My sweet mama got me a Lace-Up Mulberry as well dor my sisters. *Yeey!* Mine is in Lilac *heart**heart* cant wait till they all get back frm Paris. Meanwhil, you can alwaizz check 'em out At Boutique 1. They have re-order 'em again ;)

Luv Alwaizz~ A.V, xoxo

Jul 19, 2008

معجزات الاسلام كثيره، و من اشهر معجزات الاسلام في شهرنا هذا "شهر رجب الفضيل" معجزة انشقاق الكعبة. عن يزيد بن قعنب ، قال : كنت جالسا مع العباس بن عبد المطلب وفريق من عبد العزى بإزاء بيت الله الحرام ، إذ أقبلت فاطمة بنت أسد أم أمير المؤمنين الرابع (علي ابن ابي طالب) ، وكانت حاملا به لتسعة أشهر وقد أخذها الطلق ، فقالت : رب إني مؤمنة بك وبما جاء من عندك من رسل وكتب ، وإني مصدقة بكلام جدي إبراهيم الخليل وأنه بنى البيت العتيق ، فبحق الذي بنى هذا البيت، وبحق المولود الذي في بطني لما يسرت علي ولادتي .
قال يزيد بن قعنب : فرأينا البيت وقد انفتح عن ظهره ودخلت فاطمة فيه وغابت عن أبصارنا والتزق الحائط ، فرمنا أن ينفتح لنا قفل الباب فلم ينفتح ، فعلمنا أن ذلك أمر من الله عز وجل ، ثم خرجت بعد الرابع وبيدها رضيعها ، ثم قالت : إني فضلت على من تقدمني من النساء ، لأن آسية بنت مزاحم عبدت الله عز وجل سرا في موضع لا يحب أن يعبد الله فيه إلا اضطرارا ، وإن مريم بنت عمران هزت النخلة اليابسة بيدها حتى أكلت منها رطبا جنيا ، وإني دخلت بيت الله الحرام فأكلت من ثمار الجنة وأوراقها ، فلما أردت أن أخرج هتف بي هاتف : يا فاطمة ! سميه عليا ، فهو علي والله العلي الأعلى يقول : إني شققت اسمه من اسمي ، وأدبته بأدبي ، ووقفته على غوامض علمي ، وهو الذي يكسر الأصنام في بيتي ، وهو الذي يؤذن فوق ظهر بيتي ويقدسني ويمجدني ، فطوبى لمن أحبه وأطاعه ، وويل لمن أبغضه وعصاه .
مطالب السئول ص 11 للشافعي *
و قيل عن ولادته

الامام الشافعي : في ( الكفاية ) انه قال : ولد أمير المؤمنين علي بن ابي طالب بمكة في بيت الله الحرام ليلة الجمعة لثلث عشرة ليلة
خلت من رجب سنة ثلثين من عام الفيل ولم يولد قبله ولا بعده مولود في بيت الله الحرام سواه إكراما له بذلك ، وإجلالا لمحله في التعظيم


وَلدَتهُ في حَرَمِ الإلـهِ آمنِـهِ *** والبيتِ حيـثُ فِناؤُهُ والمســجدُ

بَيضاءُ طاهرةُ الثيابِ كريمـةُ*** طابـــت وطابَ وَليدُها والمَولدُ

في ليلةٍ غـابتْ نُحوسُ نُجومها*** وبَدَت مع القمر المنيرِ الأسعُدُ

ما لُفَّ في خِر القوابـلِ مثلُـهُ*** إلا ابـنُ آمِنَـةِ النَّبيُّ مُحمّــدُ

Jul 17, 2008

Alexander McQueen Square Toe Shoes *Endless luuuv~

Im still completely in luuuuurv with the Alexander McQueens square toe shoes. i guess bcoz of the shape of these shoes. i just luv geometrics! My first square toe McQueens was a hot pink patent with a silver toe caps. the 2nd was a black patent with golden cap & hot pink sole *heart* help me to decide what to get next ;p

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty."

--Imelda Marcos

Feathers in Perfection

Snakeskin against red! fabulous x

Alexander McQueen Python Cut out Boots *Heavenssss*

Jul 16, 2008

Best Burgers in Dubaaaai x

I decided I was in the mood for a Burger tonight. Not a Big mistake after all !! ;D *Yumy* Sooo, here are 4 of the best burgers everrrrr x

1. Johnny Rockets Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich *drool* cant get much better than this..

2. Johnny Rockets #12

3. Hardee's Portobello Mushroom Burger. btw, did you know that CKE operates the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. chains!!! interesting huh? ;)

4. Gourmet Burger Kitchen Chicken Satay; the chicken, tomatoes & lettuces ah! heavenly & luscioussss <3

Jul 15, 2008

Lipsticks Obsession

Hello my fellow makeup queens x
well, everyone knows that I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with lipsticks, glosses & anything that have to do with lips x I have designed a super sweet and sexy shade last month. 5sarah its almot finish now ;*( Im sooooo in luv with it! ah i wish i can remb exaaattlyyy what i have mixed! The staying power is great too! --talking abt lipsticks is SO MUCH fun to me lol anyways, i want to post for you my fave shades of lipstticks ever *those that i cant live without* lol

*MAC in Impassioned *heart*
*MAC in Girl Up Town
*BB PINK 6, tresss adorable..
*MAC in Angel
*MAC in Hollywood Nights
*KissKiss in Fleur De Feur
*MAC in Chatterbox
*MAC in Faux, only with tan

*MAC in Ruby Woo
*MAC Mattene l/s in Classic Dame <3
*MAC's viva Glam I

*MAC in Rebel, red ala 3nnabi, tresss hautt
*YSL Lip Twins in No. 10
*Urban Decay Lip Envy in Greedy *a lip tint <3

*MAC Mattene l/s in You Say Tomato
*MAC in So Chaud
*YSL l/s in #6

*NARS l/s in Nigara <333 Gorjussness
*Guerlain Kiss Kiss l/s in Terre D'Amour <333

This Season's Cheeriest Must Haves Jewellery Pieces xxx

Husam El Odeh
Husam El Odeh pearl ear cuffs
those ear cuffs are tdf x gorge and romantic!

Lara Bohinc
Did you know that Lara Bohinc *my beloved designer* start to customise personal jewellery peices! --NOW how great is that !!! ;*D MOREOVER she will name the resulting piece after the girl who order it! ;D supaaa haautt, sah ?

"You just have to call the shop and ask for an appointment and then we'll
customise one of our designs for you" says Lara Bohinc

Love Alwaiiz~