Oct 29, 2008

ولدي حبيبي هل أصابك من ضرر؟

صدق الشاعر حين وصف حنان الأم:

أغرى أمرؤ يوماً غلاماً جاهلاً بنقوده كي ما يحيق بـه الضـرر

قال ائتني بفـؤاد أمك يا فتـى ولك الجواهـر والدراهـم والدرر

فأتى فأغرز خنجراً في قلبهـا والقلب أخرجـه وعاد على الأثر

لكنه من فـرط سرعته هوى فتدحرج القـلب المعفـر بالأثـر

نـاداه قلب الأم وهـو معفـر ولدي حبيبي هل أصابك من ضرر؟

Oct 27, 2008

Gordon Ramsay Moving to Dubai!

"Gordon Ramsay is believed to be planning to move from London to Dubai.
The chef who is known for his colourful language, is likely to run into problems if he goes through with the move, as it is illegal to swear in Dubai."

"It is believed he has his eye on a plot on Palm Island - a man-made beach resort created off the country's coast. The United Arab Emirates has strict rules which outlaw swearing and making rude gestures in public. Anyone caught doing this faces six months in jail."

"The chef is likely to find this difficult. He once swore 111 times in one hour-long programme of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. This set a TV record for foul language, and was more than twice as many expletives as gangster film Goodfellas, the previous record holder. During the 50-minute documentary he used the word f*** 84 times and foul language peppered almost every sentence. But despite this, he is believed to be planning to move his family, including his mother, to sunnier climes. 'I'm going to move to Dubai full-time in five years,' said Ramsay. 'That's my ambition. I'm looking at a plot at the end of one of the Palm Island branches. Mum's in her sixties and she loves it.'"

"Ramsay currently lives with his wife Tana and their four children in a Victorian mansion in Wandsworth, south London."

*P.S: Read the comments on Daily Mail..


Oct 25, 2008

و كل نفسِ ذائقة الموت

sorry for the lack of posts. two of my friends died.. so young. its so heart breaking. so heart breaking.It made me think of life. of god. al25rah. Of life. we shldnt waste it or take it for granted. elmoot 7ag. Try to make the most of your life.

قال تعالى :{وما تدري نفس ماذا تكسب غدا وما تدري نفس بأي أرض تموت} صدق الله العظيم

الله يرحمج يا شيخة.. الله يرحمج يا شيخة

الله يرحمج يا حبيبتي يا سمية.. الله يرحمج يا سمية

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم {يا ايتها النفس المطمئنه ارجعي الى ربك راضية مرضيه فادخلي في عبادي

وادخلي جنتي } صدق الله العظيم


الموت فرقنا في شهرِ واحدِ
صديقتاي. على النفس ضاق بقاها
شيخةُ و من ثم تلتها سميةُ
يا ليت قبل الموعدِ سبُقَ الوداعَ

فيا حزني فيا حزني فيا حزني