Feb 28, 2009

Make a Wish.....

-Philip Lim

*photo credit, style.com

Feb 11, 2009

Michelle Obama does Vogue

America's first Lady Michelle Obama on the Cover of US Vogue ! waaw :) We needed this. well done US Vogue ! <3

"When she first laid eyes on Barack Obama, Robinson was pleased to see that the secretaries in the firm were right—he was handsome. Moreover, his nose wasn't nearly as big as it appeared in the picture he'd sent in for the firm directory. For his part, Barack was attracted to his future wife's laugh, her intelligence, and, as he wrote in his autobiography, her vulnerability—as "if, deep inside, she knew how fragile things really were, and that if she ever let go, even for a moment, all her plans might quickly unravel." "Nobody in her family thought the relationship would last. "We gave it a month, tops," says brother Craig. "Not because there was anything wrong with him. He was smart, engaging, handsome, and tall, which is important for a five-foot-eleven woman, but we knew he was going to do something wrong, and then it was going to be too bad for him. She held everybody to the same standard as my father, which was very high." When the relationship exceeded everyone's expectations by lasting more than a month, she decided to test fate by having her brother play basketball with Barack. "My father and I had a theory that you can really tell what somebody's personality is like by playing basketball with him," says Craig Robinson. "So when she asked me, I thought, Oh, no, she's going to make me be the bad guy. Thankfully, he was fine. Confident without being cocky, selfless without being wimpy, and willing to sublimate his ego for the team. I gave her a good report." --Style.com