Nov 7, 2008

Beauty Shake!


*They Say: "it’s a well-known beauty fact that drinking water is a one-way ticket to a face that’s as fresh as a daisy. Willow Water is a new 100% natural bottled water that packs a big punch on minerals, including salicin "an active extract of willow bark" and calcium, which can banish nasty toxins and improve your skin’s condition." You can order online frm:

*I Say: of-course nothing beats May Zamzam! But this taste better than Aqua Panna! I even spray this on my face & it always feel sooo soft when it dries!! just luvvv it *hearttt*

2. Amanda Lacey Illuminating Eye Gel.

*They Say: "London facialist Amanda Lacey has come up with the queen of all eye creams; not only does this gel reduce puffiness and bags, it also contains tiny, shimmering particles which adjust light reflection and make dark circles seem to disappear."

*I Say: This will make you want to through all your concealers in the garbage! I personally tried this & it works 10 times better than Elizabeth Arden Gold Eye Capsules! -This works like magic!

3. Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Diary

*They Say: "It's packed with everything a girl about town could possibly need to know - from fashion styling tips to where to buy tableware. And a healthy £25 of the proceeds of every sale goes to Breast Cancer Research."

*I Say: Tips. Tips. Tips! Who can get enough of fashion tips?! *llurrrvv*

4. Prescriptives Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Lotion.

*They Say: "Enriched with advanced micro-optic luminizers to give skin clarity and translucency. It reduces the appearance of age spots and discolouration making skin appear more youthful. Non acnegenic. Dermatologist tested."

*I Say: My sister gave this to me one night when i ran out of Obagi Clear! & oh-my-gaawd! it worked :) So if you decided one day to change your skincare producrs {which is healthy for your skin} & wanted something other than Obagi Clear or Meladerm Skin Lightening Lothion, give yourself a change with this! What i liked about this the most is the fact that it is a moisturiser cream but the same time its inriched with Vitamin C. Girl, this will boost your complexion from the first use, just like Obagi Clear! :)

Nov 2, 2008

After Hard Working Day.

Hiding in my soft Sferra St Mortiz king size blanket. *luv* Listening to the brilliant Frank Sinatra. Drinking tea & reading Harper's Bazaar, ELLE. For me, life can n-o-t get better :)
strawberry yogurt cake. luurrv the pudding <33
couldn't help but admire this marvelousss Pucci dress.